1. O'Matic
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This is about the sex slave trade from the perspective of the slave trader. We do not support this sick behavior and felt like bringing this to the forefront.

If you are a victim or know someone that has been abducted, please call:
National Human Trafficking Hotline
Homeland Security Investigations Tip Line
Or text, “BeFree” (233733)


Lyrics by Ralph Gossard, Music by SERay

Yeah, an innocent encounter in life
Yeah, but you you won’t know what’s in the lies
Oh, take my hand and try to see
Everything that you’ve done to me

It's o'matic, yeah it's o matic
There's no time, no there's time
It's o'matic, yeah it's o matic
There's no crime, no there's crime

Yeah, I’ll plant the seed within your mind
Yeah, and it will grow into a vine
Let the puppet master pull the strings
Yeah, into the torture that I bring

Repeat Chorus

Why, can’t you, hear my words?
And, you so innocence
You, don’t see you’re in my grasp
Sew, your mind it will collapse

Yeah, my fantasies will come to life
Yeah, I don’t know why you want to fight
Oh, and you have signed on my decree
Now, you have become a slave to me

Repeat Chorus x2