2 Screws Loose was born in 1999 while stationed in South Korea by four Army dudes. Sean Ray (aka SERay) on lead guitar and principle writer; Sammy Mosier (aka S.A.M.) as the vocalist and also writer; Charles "Chucky" Ivey on rhythm guitar; and Sean "Tit" Imes on bass.  We didn't have a drummer at the time, so we used a drum machine.  Eventually, we recruited Jose "Ace" Acevedo to play drums.  We played many shows and even released a full-length CD called "Screw It!"  Since, we were all on a short-tour in Korea, being that we were in the Army, we eventually disbanded in 2001. 

Since reforming in early 2020, 2 Screws Loose released a do-over full-length CD called “Screw It, Over!”, released April 26th, 2022, consisting of 8 out of the original songs from the 2000 release called “Screw It!.” In 2023, 2SL released a series of singles and finishing off the year with a Christmas Day release called “Power Drill.”  With a new bassist, we are preparing to book new shows and perform a portion of the album, plus the older stuff this year (2024).  Stay tuned for dates! 



About the band members:

Guitars, Keyboards, Sound Effects, Backup Vocals, and principle Songwriter: Sean E Ray “S.E.Ray”,  born in 1971, started playing guitar at age 8, then drums at age 12. Grew up in the Washington DC area. Starting in the early 80s, played with D.C. punk bands such as Team Wattie, The Wimps, Carmel, Seepage, Progressive Deterioration, and many others, performing and opening up for many of the punk rock bands with up-and-coming artists such as Marginal Man, Scream, Beefeater, 7 Seconds, Government Issue, David Grohl's Mission Impossible, Brian Baker's Dag Nasty, and many more.  In 2019, SERay released his third solo album called “Welcome to Tomorrow”.  In the same year, SERay recorded an album called “The Universe Lied” with the band Miranda’s Rites, where I met Dizzy, which was released in early 2020. As the original founder of 2 Screws Loose, originally formed in the year 2000, the band has a new line up and just released a do-over full-length CD called “Screw It, Over!”, released April 26th, 2022, consisting of 8 out of the original songs from the 2000 release called “Screw It!”. 

Vocals and Growls: Ralph “Dizzy, Dizzy” Gossard III, grew up in the Appalachians with stacks of burnt CDs, no friends, and a cheap guitar. He cut his teeth playing guitar and bass with shitty bands you’ve never heard of before. Then linked up with SERay who thought he’d make a great vocalist in a metal band, thus beginning their journey to make history with 2 Screws Loose. 

Drums and Skins: Dennis “Rumble 4-Skin” George, born in 1968, Martinsburg, WV.   Started playing drums at 11 year old. Started playing with bands in clubs fall 1986. (once 18 yo). Have played in A dozen or so bands/ projects over the years.  In 2018, built “Exit Shed Left” studio. Current drummer for 2 screws loose. 

Rhythm Guitarist and Backup Vocals – Michael “Woodstock” Neel, born, March 8, 1964. Started out with accordion at age 11, where I learned basic music theory.  Got my first guitar around age 15 (1979 =1980). Self-taught by playing along with albums (Priest, Sabbath, etc..) and playing with friends. Formed first band with friends around 1981. Since then, I’ve played with band like Cronus, Native Grave, Power Rage, and many others.  On the side, I dabbled in the music biz administering performance contracts, riders, sound, and other productions. Started various businesses and endeavors such as creating Harvesting Metal Productions, Rockin’ River Productions, along with various other production ventures.  Ironically, met and jammed with Dennis “Rumble 4-Skin” George in 2001.  Jam with a few cover bands since until he reunited with Rumble when he joined 2 Screws Loose on in March 2023 as the rhythm guitarist and backup singer.

Bass - LexLuther Vulgamott, born in 1968. Grew up listening to his father sing, play guitar, banjo and other types of instruments that he taught himself to play. Music was and is a very important part of Lex’s life, especially in the 70s. KISS was one of his childhood favorites. He picked up a bass for the first time while in the military at age 19, like his father he taught himself how to play and then joined an originals band. Stopped playing for a lot of years then picked it back up again later in life, and it was as if he never stopped like the mastermind he is. Played with a few bands before joining 2 Screws Loose.