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This is about the struggles of being overseas, in a war, with a narcissist wife at home. This is part 2 of the story. Part 1, "The Mind of Insanity," is on the full-length album, "Screw It, Over!"


The Suffering (part 2)
By Sean Ray

I've traveled through life sometimes risking death
I don't know why I'm still alive
Many mistakes known have been made
It all seems to be a lie

Chorus 1:
Driving me into darkness
Silence me mind in wander
Killing me lies of hatred
Drowning me you will suffer

Pond of conscious waves increasing strength
A pebble rupturing the calm
Fluttering faith keeps on mocking me
I faintly hear the psalm

Repeat Chorus 1

A downward spiraling death is at my door
It's hard for me to stay in line
Desert bullets dodging gracefully
I finally can see the light

Chorus 2:
Driving you into darkness
Silence you mind in wander
Killing you lies of hatred
Drowning you I won't suffer