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The Mind of Insanity (Suffering Part 1)

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This song was written by Sean Ray and is about his ex-wife. This song was originally titled "Suffering" but was later changed to "The Mind of Insanity (Suffering)." Key note, at the end of this song, is a recording of Sean Ray's ex-wife plotting to kill him. True story!

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The Mind of Insanity (Suffering)
Music and Lyrics by Sean Ray

Dark blood runs thick through the streets,
Infected souls spreading disease,
A man on the wire between heaven and hell,
Killing the one that holds the truth

Capsizing Frantic sea
Cowardness Rapid sky
Bursting lungs Choking air
Eminent Death Lucid eyes

Deadly sins trapped in the ice,
Release the mind and kill the pain,
Suffering cost the love that’s lost,
A branding knife burns the flesh

Repeat chorus


Conspiring hate,
A pawn of deceit,
Oblivious need,
Jealousy weeps