1. Scream
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This is about being sunk into a toxic relationship. Key notes, "Severed" and "Scream" were written at the same time. One's about leaving and the other is about being stuck in this toxic relationship.

Copyright © 2022 2 Screws Loose


Music and Lyrics by Sean Ray

Fear, is driving me in my mind,
The fallen years has passed me by

Serenity, beside me,
Insanity, bleeds through me

The universe, holds down my future,
The evil witch is bringing me down

Repeat chorus

Don’t even talk to me,
Don’t even bitch at me,
Don’t even bitch baby

You know this, that I will mess you up,
You see my wrath comes down upon you

Repeat chorus

2nd Chorus:
Society, it’s killing me,
Confusing me, hear my…