1. Sickening
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This song is about the lust for a loved one like a disease.

Copyright © 2022 2 Screws Loose


Music by Sean Ray; Lyrics by Sammy Mosier

Soak in your silk begins the trust, a taste of you always glowing,
I feel I’ve known you once before you, the innocence of never knowing

Let me show you my side, so take a look in my eye,
A one way ticket is all you need, so won’t you feel my disease,
Come along for the ride, won’t you feel me inside,
Without you I can’t be…oh yeah.

Well a touch of your flesh a feeling of greed, soothing me a taste of bitter sweet,
Destroying ache of your affection, well the lust in my eyes is what you will see…yeah

Repeat chorus

Memories of this, is fading away
For the light of you, seek out a shining glow,
Close your eyes, from the innocence I hide,
This is the time, when the moment is true.

The eager need, with each breath I breathe, emotional confusion mind is suffering
This haunting touch, swallows my need, when the dark in your eyes is setting me free…yeah