1. Ecstasy
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From the "Screw It, Over!" full-length album. Lyrics and music written by SERay. This is our anti-drug song.

Copyright © 2022 2 Screws Loose



Disconnected from the world you live in,
You're anti-social and you have no good friends,
Subject to peers, a party within,
Told not to fear a world of pretend.

You say, you want, ecstasy,
You take, the trip, that you believe,
You stain, the mind, to be deceived,
You reach, then fall, body seized.

You took the leap to fantasy,
Your sexual desires perceived,
A state of mind, a clouded disease,
Falling down into deep seas.

Repeat Chorus:

A cocktail of E, a soup in a pill,
Heighten sense, you think it's a thrill,
Come down like rain, you feel a great chill,
A snowball effect, this drug will kill

Repeat Chorus: