1. Innocence
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From the "Screw It, Over!" full-length album. Lyrics by Sammy Mosier, Music by SERay. The lyrics were written in 2000, but the music was written in 2019.

Copyright © 2022 2 Screws Loose



The look in your eyes, a piercing pain
To see you cry, drives me insane
The see your soul, burn in hell
A fucking hole, where you may dwell

Innocence lost, with the gift of life
Never knowing the cost, love divine
A blackened heart and hatred flows
A darkened state where evil grows

Blessing what’s holy, this dirty world
The taste of disgust, an innocent girl
Rape all the youth, from all of us
Run through the rain, in God we trust

Repeat Chorus

A written poem, the bitter words
Taste the flower, of mother earth
Light the candle, for all the souls
Who gave their lives, their guilt so full

Enter the angel, from heaven to birth
A human life, to bare the curse
The sickened man, he’s full of sin
The begging tears, of innocence

Repeat chorus x2