1. Fly
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From the "Screw It, Over!" full-length album. Music and Lyrics was written by Sammy Mosier, arrangement by SERay. This is about being in the Army and having to travel away from our hometown and away from family.

Copyright © 2022 2 Screws Loose



Verse 1
Yeah, once I, flew too far away
Now I’m lost with no place to stay
Too many faces and too many places
With a half of deck of cards and not enough aces

Where am I going tomorrow
What do I got today
Where am I going tomorrow
But I don’t like today

Flying high but crashed too hard
Swallowed the seeds didn’t get very far
Father time is handing out scars
When you fly too close to the sun you’ll always fall

Repeat Chorus

I’m walking down the only road
I’m drifting away
I’m talking with nothing better to say, yeah
I’m flying away
I said I’m flying away!


Verse 3
I’m not alone but with emotions played
A raging heart that’s too hard to take
Once again, I’m ready to fly
To make it home just to lay down and die

Repeat Chorus

Well I don’t like today