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I hypnotize with alibies
Fingers made of lead
I sympathize with frozen eyes
Bent inward in my head

I realize to my demise
It’s better left unsaid
When columns crash down
Endlessly I found, that I would end up dead

I theorize I’m on the rise
But all I do is fall
I victimize my love for life
I’ve seen and done it all

Ready, set, stop, to live or not
Hurry up and hate
The tick, tick, tock of the clock
Delinquents my belief in fate

Your TV well it is my teacher
Congressional and preacher
Forgive me lord with all this hate
With every touch I inebriate

Repeat Chorus

I see the gun and pick it up
And feel you breathe with every breath you suck
So close your eyes while I watch you cry
Feel your heart, while you die

Hit the fire for heaven’s sakes
Let me take control
Deafening is a fucking sound
Of your burning soul

Repeat Chorus