2 Screws Loose was born in 1999 while stationed in South Korea by four Army dudes. Sean Ray (aka SERay) on lead guitar and principle writer; Sammy Mosier (aka S.A.M.) as the vocalist and also writer; Charles "Chucky" Ivey on rhythm guitar; and Sean "Tit" Imes on bass.  We didn't have a drummer at the time, so we used a drum machine.  Eventually, we recruited Jose "Ace" Acevedo to play drums.  We played many shows and even released a full-length CD called "Screw It!"  Since, we were all on a short-tour in Korea, being that we were in the Army, we eventually disbanded in 2001. 

Now with a newly formulated band (2021): we have, myself, the original 2 Screws Loose, SERay, on lead guitar and principle writer; Ralph "Dizzy" Gossard III on vocals; Dennis "Rumble" George on drums; Mike “Woodstock” Neel on rhythm guitar; and LexLuther Vulgamott on bass guitar. 

For more information on the band, please see our Bio page. 

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