1. Born
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This song is about being born out of an addiction and how it affects us.

Copyright © 2022 2 Screws Loose


Music by Sean Ray; Lyrics by Sammy Mosier

Born on cement, raised on revenge, deviant from the absolute
Absence of pain, regardless of faith, chaos create at your expense

Chorus: You are the sweetest disease in me,
And I can't hear your pleads to me,
There's nothing inside you can take from me,
Come on and get down and pray with me

I made a god, out of your blood, not of superiority
I killed the king, of my deceit, now I sleep in anarchy

Repeat chorus

Trapped under ice, comfortably cold, I've gone as low as you can go
Well, I feel no remorse, no sense of shame, times gonna wash away my pain

Repeat chorus x 2